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“Thank you so much for having enlightened my life. You have made me discover some of the most powerful cures accessible in the universe. These days, I can feel peace in my soul. You are the most wonderful people I have ever met. ”  J.G.


 "...and I was in fear and unworthiness and he pushed me to power, and in my anger I felt myself break through the ceiling, the ceiling that I had no idea was there, and I took my place as guardian, yes, as a guardian of love and I felt the other souls fall away and I gave thanks.  Thank you both for helping me remember."  H.R.


 "Although I knew these concepts you were teaching on an intellectual scale, it wasn't until I experienced them first hand that I truly understood them.  They became my "ah ha" moments and the awakening to who I truly am.  I went from living my life in fear to awakening to the greatest love for myself and others."  J.B.


“Wendy and Steve have helped me a great deal in my personal healing process.  Their teaching and one-on-one coaching has made a profound difference to my personal happiness.”  S.J.


“I feel more peaceful in my body, mind and spirit now that I’ve allowed the grief to go and return to my heart with love and happiness.  It’s my true spirit that lives again, and they showed me the way.”  C.J.


“It seems that with age, one looks at the world with different points of view, more insight etc. and this is what I’m going through right now-discovering myself at 55 yrs old, looking for the right answers, for the real me and to take my power/life back.  This kind of workshop gives one the guidance to look for answers and find themselves.”


 “The workshops were very positive and uplifting.  Positive energy emanates from both Wendy and Steve as they give information, knowledge and their own experiences.  Totally enjoyed the workshops.”  T.O.


"The healings I experienced at the workshop I attended were profound. The depth of knowledge and the genuine care and compassion that emanated from Wendy and Steve changed my life. I have a level of understanding about who I am and where I fit into the universe that was previously foreign to me. Thanks to the both of them for sharing their incredible gifts with us all."  A.W.


“This school has been a great experience for me. I know now that I am powerful and I know who I am”   Z.S.

“Things in my life have taken a 360 degree turn. I’ve learned how to take my power back and learned many healing techniques. Steve and Wendy are beyond helpful, gentle and truly wonderful teachers. What are you waiting for? Your new life is waiting for you.”  C.W.

“Truly the most amazing and life changing experience. Not only have I found my real family who love and support me unconditionally, but I also understand that I am in control of my life, who I really am and that all is perfection.”   S.J.

“I now hear those who speak from the heart. I understand those who do not.”   B.M.

“This spiritual journey has moved gently and beautifully into my life while attending this school. I am not the same person anymore. I now feel more grounded than ever.”  J.K.

“This has been the most profound experience- not quite understanding what I was enrolling in, I know it was the right decision. It surpassed everything I expected and I will never be the same.”  L.F.

“ What a gentle and safe way to teach energy healing. I recommend this course for anyone who has a need to grow, explore and release. I now understand my life and how I operate with others and the universe and am more comfortable on every level with my own body and soul.”  I.V.

"I entered this school looking to find a sense of belonging with like minded individuals as well as to "hopefully" learn how to heal others. What I have gotten out of my experiences is so much more!!! In learning to heal myself I have not only discovered my natural ability as a healer but I have become a sovereign being and in doing so have found a source or inner peace and joy. I have learned to look to myself for answers and take responsibility for my own actions in life and this has created so many positive experiences not only for myself but for others around me."  A.V.

By Bob Gauthier

There are times in the course of our lives when things happen that cause us to reassess and redefine who we are and who we want to be.  These occurrences are referred to as life changing events and mine occurred on May 20, 2009 when I found myself on a treadmill about to begin a stress test.

In January of that year, I felt great, working in the bush every day, cutting wood.  Earlier in the month, I had received the results of my annual physical and although there was an ongoing concern due to asbestos in both lungs, my cholesterol levels and all others issues were quite normal.  During the month of February, I began to experience a burning sensation in my solar plexus.  I had convinced myself that the problem was lung related and continued to work through the maple syrup season.  By early May, I could hardly do anything without being overcome with pain so I finally went to my doctor, who arranged for the test.

Less than a minute into the stress test, I was being rushed to emergency where I was injected with blood thinners, then placed in ICU to await transfer to the Ottawa Heart Institute, where an angiogram revealed that my left main artery was 95% blocked.  Due to the location of the problem, I would require open heart surgery to bypass the blockage.  Because of the condition of my lungs, I was returned to Cornwall where further tests were scheduled to ensure that my lungs could hold up to the surgery. The excellent care that I was receiving made me confident that things were going to work out fine, but it has always been my philosophy to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  This delay allowed me the privilege of reassessing my life and I began the process of detachment in the event that I didn't make it through surgery.

The day of my surgery came in early June and as I lay heavily sedated on the gurney waiting to go into surgery and wondering if I was to leave the planet that day, I remembered a poem which I had written earlier that year, so I recited it to my daughter Wendy. These would possibly be the last words I would say to her.  The poem is about that flight across the dark threshold of death and if I was to cross it that day, my hope was to take that flight, it goes like this:

The Flight

O that I could soar
Across the endless sky
Like birds on wing
I would set my course to fly
Beyond the clouds
Where nothing can exist
And search the darkest heavens
For new light and angel's song
Where Love's gentle call
Hurries me along
To golden castles filled with peace
And there my soul will rise above
To rest within Your everlasting love

The operation was a success and recovery was painful but fast.  On the 5th day following surgery, I was sent home.  During the long convalescent period, I began the process of redefining my life and who I wanted to be from then on.  I made the decision to take the opportunity of this life changing event to set a new course for my life, to find those golden castles and do my best to fill them with peace and love.  I prayed for guidance and began the journey into a second chance at life.

Where To Begin

The advice offered by the councillors at the Heart Institute is that following surgery, one should get back to a normal lifestyle as soon as possible.  I had decided to take a different approach though which would lead my life in a new direction.  To begin, I started by scrutinizing each element of my life which I had detached from prior to my surgery.  The only thing that remained in my heart was the love I shared with my wife, family and close friends.  This was all I had planned to take before God if the surgery had been unsuccessful.  I quickly learned that we can't discard things that easily.

Changing directions in ones life is never easy especially when you are in your senior years as I am.  My search to find God has always been an ongoing hunger for me but God continued to elude me as that unknowable, incomprehensible wonder, so I decided that this would become my priority because if I could find God, I would find those Golden Castles and maybe there would be a room for me.

Throughout my life, I had been drawn to the mystics of the church and enjoyed reading the letters of Paul, as well as the writings of St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avilla.  John Cassian's Conferences gave me a wonderful insight to the early monastic movement which began as a result of the reforms introduced by Constantine during the Council of Nicea.  The desert Fathers did not buy into a lot of the changes, so they went into the desert to contemplate.  The conferences led me to meditation which I practiced diligently.

As I continued my search, I attended daily mass and spent many hours in chapel praying for help in understanding what God was all about, but the answer never came.  By the end of 2010, the realization came to me that adhering to rules and regulations in obedience to any organization was getting me nowhere.  I had to set out in a new and frightening direction on my own.  In ancient times when someone did something bad, they were punished by being ostracized as the whole tribe turned their backs, and the individual would be devastated by the rejection.  So it is when an individual turns their back on the tribe, the tribe is devastated by the rejection.

Apprehension turned quickly to excitement as I walked this new path of freedom and realized what a wonderful gift free will is.  I could make my own decisions knowing that I was solely responsible for the outcome and the first decision I made was to let my soul lead the way.  I soon learned that a soul guided path leads to the Now Moment.  When I did the right thing, I felt joy; when I made the wrong decision, I felt sad.  I knew this was the path for me and looked forward to what doors would be opened for me in the future.  The words of the Buddha became my mantra "Become Awareness."

A New Door Opens

My daughter Wendy and her husband Steve had both been involved in energy healing for many years.  Their practice of one-on-one healings had become very successful to the point where Wendy awoke one morning with the inspiration from her own soul to open a school to teach others the workings of energies and the art of healing oneself while at the same time helping others heal themselves.  The school, The Awakening Angels School For Healing and Enlightenment had been in operation for a few years and was beginning to become quite popular.  The next 4 day Level 1 class was scheduled for April 2011 and was filling up quickly and I was being urged to enroll.  The whole concept of us being energetic beings in a third dimensional body fascinated me to the point that I couldn't resist.  The moment I decided to enroll, I was filled with excitement and joy and I knew this was the right decision. As it turned out, it would prove to be one of the best decisions of my life.

The School

The first morning of Level One found me in a group of 22 participants all wondering "what are we in for?"  By the end of the first day, we were a close knit tribe of seekers excited to have found this new path and eager to continue.  The school has given me a wonderful understanding of myself as a sovereign being and insight to what I can be if I so choose.  Each level deals with a related chakra, how events in our lives affect the flow of energy through that chakra and subsequently how a blocked chakra affects the physical, emotional and mental body.  By finding the energy blocks and dealing with the issues that are causing them, the energy flow is restored, enabling the body to heal itself.  The study of the energy system is not only fascinating but essential to a healthy lifestyle.  The school provides a safe, soul centered environment for each participant to deal with their issues in a loving, confidential manner.  By the end of Level One, we were as close to each other as brothers and sisters and I now have people of like mindedness who are there for me anytime as I am for them.

Since that first morning, I, along with many others have continued to do our work, through all 8 levels of the school.  It has been an incredible journey and I feel ever so grateful to Wendy and Steve for their patience and unconditional love as they guided us through the dark places of our lives to bring us into the beautiful light.  The journey continues each day as we do our work and help each other in a loving, non-judgmental way.

A New Understanding

Recently, I was blessed with an incredible gift of four consecutive angel guided meditations which revealed to me how karma is an integral part of my life mission.  The first day, Archangel Michael reviewed the 6 inner children which I had discovered and dealt with in the school.  Each of these were what I considered victims and had been dealt with as victims.  The second day, I was shown how these children had instilled a particular pattern in my behaviour and belief systems.  Day three was a knockout punch as I was shown how circumstances at the time had triggered the reactions which had caused me to be victimized.  Day four brought me to the realization that my life mission had been set from the beginning and the feelings of unworthiness, rejection, etc. were the things that I had come here to overcome.  These patterns had to be set while I was a defenceless child and had to be deeply rooted within my psyche.  I was overcome with emotion as I forgave all my transgressors and came to the realization that there was never anything to forgive.  All was as it should have been and my mission in life was to overcome these wounds and patterns and to become the sovereign being that we all are but don't often realize.

The things that I experienced during these meditations were all taught in the school and I was blessed that the angels revealed how they affected me personally.  I now have an enlightened view of what my life is all about and as I continue my work, I intend to become a better person, one who understands that we are all One and how unconditional love can change the world we live in. I now understand that I am a human being, made from the materials of Mother Earth, brought together by the spirit energy of our Heavenly Father and I am in them as they are in me.  I can create my future by using my own free will nourished by the flow of unconditional love and perhaps become a life changer for someone else.  Those Golden Castles are among us; we just have to find them or let them find us and then....just watch what happens.


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