Tales of Gabriella - The Interfering Angel

By S.D. Hudson

S.D. Hudson, AuthorThis feel good, action-packed story for children and young adults alike is set in rural England.

Tales of Gabriella, The Interfering Angel, is a feel good, action-packed, spiritual adventure story for adults and children alike with some unexpected twists at the end. Set in rural England, the story begins when Gabriella, the youngest in a family of trapeze artists, climbs the trapeze tower alone to prove she is old enough to join the family act. A fall from the safety platform that afternoon changes her circus career forever and causes her to meet Khalil, a very loving, but somewhat interfering first-time Guardian Angel. As the story unfolds, she saves the life of a mysterious fortune-teller, who predicts a danger-filled, adventurous future for one so young; giving Khalil some very interesting challenges to keep her safe. The story contains many colorful, and sometimes sinister, characters along with heart warming spiritual messages. It depicts how we are really Human Angels choosing to experience life in this heaviest of realities, but we are never alone, even when things look hopeless. We are constantly loved and watched over on our earthly journey and will one day return Home to share the adventures with our true Angelic family.

                                                                                 ISBN 978-0-9809020-0-6

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Tales of Gabriella-The Ghost of Chateau X
By S.D. Hudson

S.D. Hudson, Author Gabriella, Sophie, Sam and the whole circus gang are back in a brand new, action packed adventure. This time they travel to France and find themselves in a beautiful chateau with a secret. It’s haunted by the ghost of Sophie’s ancestor, the Viscount Henri Deveau who died over 200 years ago. Together with the mysterious gypsy fortune teller and a whole new set of characters, they are faced with solving a murder and unlocking the secrets of Chateau X and the family treasure that has been hidden for centuries. Their Guardian Angels are kept busy in this fast paced, can’t put down book, as the kids find themselves at the mercy of renegade gypsies and a murderer still at large. Tales of Gabriella, The Ghost of Chateau X, is a high action adventure story that takes place over a 200 year time period from the French Revolution to modern times. Its beautiful spiritual messages are heart warming for adults and children alike.

                                                                                isbn# 978-0-9809020-2-0

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The Evolution and Meaning of Disease
By S.D. Hudson

S.D. Hudson, Author A common factor that unites us all is the absence of perfect health – total and complete harmony in body, mind and spirit. We all harbor lingering emotional wounds or struggle with limiting beliefs that will eventually take their toll at the physical level as we go through the natural process of ageing. The purpose of this book is to explore the nature and evolution of disease from a non-physical and spiritual perspective and ask if there is any meaning to it all. If we are indeed spiritual beings coming here from a place where “all-is-love,” why do we not arrive here in perfect health and continue that way until it’s time to leave? Our life here would be far more productive if we did. Is there a Divine Plan for each of us on this earthly journey that would give some meaning to the diseases and misfortunes we encounter along the way: And why do so many of us doggedly cling onto our physical, emotional and mental wounds, even when help and relief are close at hand? This book is a fascinating journey into our energetic anatomy and offers a new way of looking at the diseases we experience on the earth plane of existence. A must read for anyone trying to make sense of why “bad” things happen to “good” people.

                                                                                isbn# 978-0-9809020-3-7

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When Two Paths Become One-
A Guide To Spiritual Mastery

By Steve Hudson

Two Paths front cover

STEVE-PIC 2 More than thirty years ago I casually picked up a magazine and read an article that would    change my life forever.  My hope in writing this book is to do the same for you.  Back then I was contemplating the three mystical questions of our existence:  where have I come from, what is my purpose here and where am I going when this life is over?  I didn't realize it at the time, but these are the three questions that cause your soul to weep with joy for they set you on a conscious path of spiritual exploration.

The path you take in seeking answers to these mysteries will always be different from mine, but the truths we encounter along the way remain eternal; and so many of these truths come from relationships.  It begins with the one you have with yourself and ends when you finally surrender to Spirit and allow your two paths to become one.  In between, we walk with our Angels, Guides and physical loved ones, all whom play their chosen role on our journey Home.

So I offer this Guide to Spiritual Mastery to help demystify some of the process and expose many of the common spiritual myths we have come to believe as true.  I invite you to explore:

*Who you really are as an Eternal Being
*Getting off the Karmic Wheel
*Why the Darkness is your greatest teacher
*The Universal Laws that govern all Creation
*The spiritual importance of relationships
*Ascending the ladder of your spiritual evolution.

Perhaps if someone had given me this book back then, my own path might have been a little easier....

                                                                      isbn# 978-0-9809020-5-1

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